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Biedrība "Latvijas Slieku audzētāju asociācija" ir noslēgusi 2011.gada 26.oktobrī līgumu Nr.L-ĀTA-11-0757 ar v/a "Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru" par projekta "Latvijas bioloģiskā vermikomposta popularizēšana un eksporta tirgus paplašināšana" īstenošanu, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds.

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Tour of factory
  • Latvian Earthworm growers association offers to visit a vermicomposting plant in which a variety of technologies are used and a long experience has been accumulated.
  • In the factory there will be an opportunity to see organic substrate processing using earthworms and the usage of different technologies, as well as to meet experienced professionals from vermicomposting industry. In this plant organic substrate for  feeding earthworms is prepared using the method of fermentation and vermicompost is treated.
  • Everyone interested to engage in vermicomposting, will be offered vermicomposting factory management and development plan.

    In the vermicomposting factory management and development plan one can find answers to these and many other questions:
  • How to make vermicomposting factory?
  • How to achieve maximum productivity?
  • Time in which the invested funds will pay back?
  • What will the profit be?
  • Professionals technical support?
  • What will the guarantees for the disposal be?

  • Business consulting

    Latvian Earthworms growers association provides advice to all interested parties and assists in developing business plans for growing earthworms and vermicompost production, development and access funding from banks, investment companies and EU funds.
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